Design fix

Are you interested in how an interior designer or professional organizer could help you make a positive change to your space? Maybe you just want some advice that you can then execute on your own? Or maybe you’re curious how we could work together but you’re not sure if you want to commit? The Design Fix lets you ease into the process and add on services as needed.  We start with step one and take it from there, moving onto the next step if/when you’re ready.

STEP ONE Advice and recommendations.

STEP TWO Advice and recommendations and additional information on how to execute the plans. 

STEP THREE Advice and recommendations and additional information on how to execute the plans with my assistance and oversight. 


step ONE

  • Provide me with photos of your space

  • Tell me what you love (or just like!) about your space and what you don’t like.

  • I will send you a summary of my recommendations based on your needs and other ideas that may have come up during the process. The summary may include recommended spatial reconfigurations, ideas for repurposing existing furniture and/or recommended purchases (if applicable).

step TWO

If you wish to move forward with… 

  • Purchasing 
If you wish to move forward with any of the recommended purchases we’ll work together to outline what you’re looking for stylistically and we will identify your price range. From there I will source the items and provide you with detailed ordering information. 

  • Spatial reconfigurations 
If you wish to move forward with the spatial reconfigurations I will provide you with a more detailed floor plan so you can execute it on your own. If you own your home or apartment, it’s possible the recommendations may be more extensive. Whenever possible I will provide you with clear instructions and whatever information you need to help make this happen on your own.

  • Repurposing existing furniture 
I will provide you with detailed information on what this means and what may be required (e.g. repurposing an existing kitchen cart that isn’t being used and turning it into a mobile bar cart for the entertaining you’d like to be doing). 

step THREE

  • If we’ve gotten this far together and you love the ideas I’ve come up with but you’re not sure if you have the time or the expertise to execute the plans on your own, then I will provide you with a pricing proposal that outlines how much it would cost for me to assist and oversee the project.

  • From placing any new furniture orders to ensuring it arrives on time, unpacking and placing the item, rearranging any furniture, and hiring and overseeing any additional service providers… Step 3 ensures that everything is taken care of for you. 

how much DOES this cosT?

Every project is different but I’ve outlined some sample project costs below. Prices vary based on complexity of the request, size of the room and approval rounds.

I am always willing to work within your budget and I'm a strong believer that creating a space you’re happy with shouldn't be prohibitively expensive. 

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Client Challenge

We’re lucky to have a big living room but when we moved into our space we only brought our sofa and a couple of small tables. We would like to entertain but we need more seating and storage. I’m not sure if we should just get a bigger sofa or if the room needs to be rearranged or if a couple of chairs will solve the problem. Plus we really need a coffee table and I’m not sure what size we should get. 

Placed by Erin Solution

After a discussion to understand what needs to be stored and how the client entertains, I requested additional photography of the space and some basic measurements. The following options were offered 1) Get a larger sofa that makes better use of the space (possibly a sectional) and a coffee table that provides storage. 2) Get a set of armchairs to place across from the couch. A fabric covered storage bench will provide more storage and additional seating if needed and can function as a coffee table. 3) Since your existing sofa is low to the ground, floor cushions could be a fun way to add more seating. This depends on how you entertain and the demographic of who is coming over. It’s a very flexible option as they’re easy to move and don’t take up a lot of space. Pair it with a low coffee-table and it becomes a cosy place to congregate. A sideboard behind the sofa will provide additional storage if needed.

The client requested some basic mock-ups and renderings of the options and then decided to move forward with the second option: armchairs and a storage bench. We worked together to identify his price range and what he was looking for stylistically. After providing him with the purchase options, the client decided he wanted me to continue to manage the project as his partner and he were starting new jobs and their free time was minimal.

Conclusion and Cost

This was a more complicated project and therefore it was more expensive. The client asked me to rethink the design of an entire room, provide renderings, source and order the furniture and unpack and assemble everything.

Total project cost - € 440

Client Challenge

Our apartment doesn’t have a dryer so we dry our clothes in the bedroom on a rack. Our living room has tons of space but we entertain a lot and I don’t want our clothes on display in there. The rack takes up a lot of space and whenever it’s in use we have to maneuver around it and our bedroom is small enough as it is. I hate how it looks and since we spend most of the time in our living room I don’t want to look at it all the time!

Placed by Erin Solution

After asking for additional photos of the drying rack, the living room and the bedroom, the following solution was offered. Consider moving the drying rack to the living room and getting a decorative folding screen that fits in with your decor. If you set your drying rack up in a corner behind the folding screen, you’re making the best use of the space and it’s no longer an eyesore.  A lot of folding screens also have additional service such as integrated shelving, or a place to put plants or hang artwork.

Conclusion and Cost

The client decided to do her own research to find a folding rack that would work for this purpose. She ordered it on her own, assembled it on her own and put it in place. Total project cost - € 25


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