What do professional organizers do? 

When people hear the term "professional organizer" they frequently think it's someone who's hired to come in and alphabetize your spices. But a professional organizer is someone who can help you with a variety of tasks depending on their specialities. Objects, data and time are three primary areas of focus that an organizer can specialize in, although there's frequently a lot of overlap. Most organizers will work with you to help you identify the issues you're having and then help you find solutions and build systems to maintain the progress you've made together. 


What do you do? 

The work I can do is an intersection between professional organizing, spatial planning and interior design. This means I can help you with anything from planning and executing a move to helping you fine tune the layout of your home to maximizing your closet space. If you have a project in mind, get in touch! We can talk through what you're thinking to see if my skills are a good match for what you need. 


What's an example of some of the work you've done in the past?

I've helped a small business owner during the process of selling her company, downsizing and moving to a smaller office to start a new business. This included everything from assistance with packing, trips to ikea to explore options of what would work in her new space, furniture assembly and unpacking assistance. 

Another example of a project I worked on was to help a woman who had renovations done on her apartment and was felling overwhelmed by the steps she needed to take to get her apartment put back together. We worked together over the course of two weekends to unpack boxes, do an edit of her belongings and rehang her artwork. 


If I decide to hire you, what happens next? 

Once you express an interest in hiring me, I'll schedule a brief (30 minutes or less) phone call to discuss the details of your project and gather the information I need. The first session will involve a tour of your space, we'll discuss next steps, your budget and your timeline. Every project is different and some people want some time to review my project proposal before moving forward. Others are eager for progress and want to get started right away, more often than not, the next steps are dependent on your needs and your timeline. 


Will you make me throw things out? 

No! The last thing a professional organizer should be doing is forcing people to throw things away. I will work with you to edit your belongings if that's what we've identified as a priority. I do think that many people feel overwhelmed by the accumulation of stuff and doing a preliminary edit is very helpful however I will never force you to throw anything away. 


Should I clean up or do anything before you come over? 

I think it's best for clients to avoid cleaning up before I come over. Seeing the space in it's natural state (meaning no tidying!) is important for getting an understanding of the issues you wish to work on.  

Still need


If your question wasn't answered here, or you just want to talk through an idea you have, feel free to reach out directly and we can schedule a time to talk.