repainting an interior door to match the home decor and showcase classic details.

Disclaimer: this project was done back in 2013 so the photo quality is not the best. When I originally tackled this project, I had no intention of posting it on my website many years later. At the time, I was a project manager for a small design company and I didn’t think this would be anything beyond a small project I was documenting for personal reasons.

After walking in and out of my door every morning and being confronted with the sloppy paint job that was done by a rushed landlord, I couldn’t resist the temptation to repaint my front door and strip all the paint off the hardware. I know that doing things carefully takes more time, but it would have taken very minimal additional effort to not paint over the hardware on the door and I think that bugged me most of all! I also couldn’t stand the color. Although it looks more muted in these photos, it was undeniably purple.

The project itself was simple to execute. As with many things, I was inspired by Daniel Kanter from Manhattan Nest. You can read the post with more details here. I removed all the hardware and soaked it in boiling water until the paint loosened up and I could peel it off. While that was going on, I painted the door. Once the paint had been peeled off the hardware, and oiled up (if necessary) I reattached it to the door and frame.

What this project taught me (more than anything) is that something as simple as painting your front door can make a big impact in your space and it shouldn’t be overlooked. I was living in a rental at this time, and I think many renters ignore their front door because they view it as off limits. This apartment was tiny and the front door could be seen from almost every angle in the room. This paint job made the space feel more fresh and I couldn’t get enough of that adorable peephole that was under all those layers of paint.